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Payroll management is a critical aspect of running a business, and yet it can be the most complicated.  Not only do you have to ensure accurate record keeping, but you must also pay close attention to employee compensation in an effort to comply with local and federal laws. The Department of Labor has set forth a very specific list of requirements for companies in regards to employee payment requirements that all corporations must obey.

As with IRS tax compliance, failure to observe government regulations in regards to employee compensation can land any size company in hot water.

The same can be said in the realm of payroll record keeping.  Failure to disclose or account for expenses can lead to IRS audits and more.  No company wants to be overhauled by a federal agency.  It can lead to fines and/or imprisonment, creating a marketplace stir that could cause the general public to lose confidence in the company brand.

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Payroll accounting is a financial management area that cannot be taken for granted.

Tax compliance readiness evaluation and auditing

  • Pragmatic and Flexible Payroll Solutions
  • Payroll Management  Options for Small to Large Companies
  • One-on-One  Payroll Assessment and Management  Consultations

Businesses have found such services invaluable, since it allows them to free up time that can be better spent elsewhere.


Benefits of Online Payroll Processing

Many companies are utilizing modern IT tools in an effort to reduce paper waste and make their offices run more efficiently. Web-based payroll processing can assist by helping managers customize online payroll reports, organize time sheets electronically, and provide remote payroll check printing.

Online payroll services can make life easier for both employees and managers.

Printing e-check and e-brochures is one of the benefits of such a system, becoming a near indispensable asset to the payroll process.

Payroll Client Tools and Forms are easy to access, understand and use. They can also provide valuable information to management teams. GBC Payroll of Atlanta works hard to ensure that the tools we provide address the needs of client companies no matter their size or scope.

GBC’s professionals offer the latest and greatest in state of the art systems management and payroll specialization.

We also provide you small to midsized business:

  • One-on-one payroll specialists
  • Customized payroll reports
  • Phone, fax, or email time sheet filing
  • FIT, FICA, FICA Match, EIC, federal and state unemployment, state withholding, and local tax liability payment
  • Federal, state and local tax return filing
  • Direct deposit set up and management
  • Administration of Garnishment payments
  • New Hire and workers compensation reporting
  • Required e-verification for immigration
  • Time clock interface and assistance

Excellent Payroll Processing Services + Human Resource Management Solutions

GBC Payroll of Atlanta provides a myriad of payroll services that can help you navigate the turbulent sea of human resource management.  The advantages of using GBC for your administrative needs include, but are not limited to tax form filing, ledger reporting, online payroll processing, and custom time sheet creation.

GBC Services LLC is an authorized E-Verify Employer Agent.

immigration e-verification servicesAs part of our human resources and payroll management package, we will take care of required immigration e-verification for your company. E-Verify employer agents, formerly called designated agents, use E-Verify to confirm the employment eligibility of another company’s employees.

E-Verify employer agents may also handle payroll and other administrative tasks that include managing the Employment Eligibility Verification (Form I-9) process. It’s a typical part of a Human Resource Management and Payroll Service.

The state of Georgia requires both public and private employers to use E-Verify during the hiring process (save for employers with fewer than 10 employees). Let us handle this for your small business along with your payroll and human resources management, and easily avoid trouble and hassles that could ensue.

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Payroll upkeep incorporates tax form filing and record processing. GBC Payroll of Atlanta can help you file state and federal tax returns as well as organize tax information.

We offer further solutions in:

  • Internet time sheets creation
  • Remote payroll data entry
  • Customized online payroll reports
  • General ledger reporting
  • GL imports to a select number of accounting software
  • Create a reliable HRMS so employees can readily access W-2s, paycheck history and personal information
  • Handling required I-9 immigration forms of employees through E-Verify
  • Web portals that provide bookkeeping elements and software.



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Time is money.


If you were to calculate the cost of doing your own payroll and compare it to the cost of outsourcing your payroll, you’d find that there is a significant cost advantage to outsourcing. Payroll services have the systems and expertise to be more efficient at handling your payroll needs.


GBC Payroll Services offers valuable payroll expertise to companies of all sizes that seek to outsource their payroll services to a company with a great reputation and excellent service record.


Our knowledge and experience, can provide a small or mid-size company with an affordable, superior payroll processing, normally only available to the larger enterprises.


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Financial Integrity and
Fiscal Responsibility

Advantages of Hiring A Payroll Processing Company


Payroll services not only track payments due to federal, state and local tax authorities, but they also file necessary forms and automatically make these payments for you. Internal Revenue Service statistics show that one in three business owners is penalized for incorrect payroll tax payments, and payroll services help to prevent these errors by keeping accurate records and making timely payments. Payroll services can also mail employee W-2 forms, which are required by federal law.
—Small Business Chronicle


GBC Services of Atlanta boasts a tremendous library of information and resources that can assist small to mid-sized companies with their hrms, budget assessment, bookkeeping, and tax preparation needs.

Why You Should Hire A Payroll Processing Company


Your payroll company keeps organized records of the amounts you spend on base salary, as well as the amounts deducted from each paycheck, including taxes, insurance, union dues or even wage garnishments. You can reference these records at any time, and they are well-organized so that you can easily analyze your payroll expenses, such as for financial projections. Payroll companies may provide online interfaces so you can change records in the event an employee’s circumstances change.
—Small Business Chronicle


The CGMA (aka Chartered Global Management Accountant) is heralded as a gold standard that small to large companies go towards when seeking business services.

Let GBC Professional Payroll Experts Handle Your Processing


Payroll firms are run by experts who are familiar with the correct amounts and rates of tax deductions. They are also set up to respond quickly to changes in payroll by making the correct payments to all parties concerned. This is crucial for businesses that do not have the same payroll week after week, and it also helps businesses that do not have the resources to hire an expert bookkeeper or payroll specialist who can keep track of changing payrolls and changing employer deductions and obligations.
—Small Business Chronicle


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